Warranty & Repair

Replacement Parts
While under warranty, you will receive replacement parts still covered free of charge. Outside of the warranty, or if you wish to keep spares, most of the parts you need to keep your rebounder optimally functional can be found in our Parts & Repair section of the Needak Store.

If well maintained, your Needak rebounder will last for a large number of years (4+) without the need of any repair or replacement parts.

Rebounder Registration
We recommend all new customers register their rebounder with Needak Manufacturing LLC once they receive their order. This is so that your serial number is attached to your name, e-mail and address and ensures that if a warranty issue should occur, you will be covered quickly and painlessly. You may register with Needak Manufacturing LLC by emailing them at and including all of the above information, including your serial number, name, address and email address.

Warranty Redemption Process
If any component of your rebounder should fail or break within its warranty period, you are fully covered for a replacement of that component. To redeem your coverage, you must have your rebounder registered with Needak Manufacturing LLC or have your serial number handy. Once ready, e-mail Needak Manufacturing LLC at with your information. From there, you will jointly work out whether your rebounder needs to be sent in for service or if parts can be shipped out to you. Rebounders almost never need to be sent in for repair as most of the components are personally serviceable.

Repair and Installation Guides
Once you are ready to perform maintenance on your rebounder, visit our repair and installation guides section to quickly reference what steps are required to do what you want to do.
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