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Needak.ca specializes in promoting awareness and a responsible outlook on personal health, with a focus on the effective and practical sport of rebounding. Needak rebounders are some of the best selling rebounders in the world, and are manufactured entirely in Nebraska, USA.

Stay updated with the latest Needak news and promotions. Find tips, suggestions and a variety of information from rebounding to general health and well being.

Learn about our online payment protection and encryption technology - covering fraud protection and the security measures taken by Needak.ca to ensure the most secure shopping experience.

Find out how you are price protected when you purchase from Needak.ca, and how to go about ensuring this as you shop for your rebounder.

With a 30 day return policy, Needak.ca offers customers a risk-free purchasing experience.

Needak's USA made rebounders are guaranteed to provide a soft but solid bounce and provide a lifetime warranty on every Needak rebounder.

Find out how long it takes for customers to receive their orders, what carriers we use, and how to inquire about your order.
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