Needak Hard-Bounce Non-Folding Rebounder (Black)

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Needak Black Spring Cover
Needak Black Spring Cover
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Needak Rebounder Stabilizing Bar
Needak Rebounder Stabilizing Bar
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Official Needak Carry Bag for Folding Rebounders
Official Needak Carry Bag for Folding Rebounders
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Identical to our folding model in every other way, this rebounder does not fold in half and is primarily for people who do not require increased storage and portability options. The Needak Hard-Bounce Non-Folding Rebounder utilizes stiffer springs to create a harder bounce surface. Primarily for people who weigh 300 pounds or more, to prevent your feet from touching the ground upon landing from a high bounce. If you are a professional athlete you may also prefer the stiffer bounce of the Hard-Bounce Rebounder for a more challenging workout.
What's included?
"Bounce Before You Jump" DVD
"Immune System" DVD
Rebounding article
Spring Lubricant
Spring cover/frame skirt is not included
Color: Black
Mat: Permatron Hard Bounce
Frame: 40 inches in diameter
Height: 10 inches
Maximum load capacity: 600 lbs
Legs: 6 Folding Legs
Made in USA
Every Needak rebounder frame is made with heavy-grade steel coupled with thirty-six heavy duty spring mechanisms and custom-made jumbo springs. The Permatron® rebounder mat resists precipitation and sunlight which adds to this rebounders durability. Our spring systems use patented piano wire technology, are easy on the spine and knees, and do not cause proning.

Hard-Bounce VS Soft-Bounce
The soft-bounce is our most popular seller, as it applies to the widest variety of users given that you can do both easy and intense workouts on it. The hard-bounce is slightly stiffer than the soft-bounce, and this provides more resistance for faster, harder workouts, and is also useful for individuals over 300lbs.

Folding VS Non-Folding
There is no difference between the folding and non-folding rebounders except for the ability for the folding to fold in half for storage and transport. Both are as stable and sturdy as each other, and come with the same limited lifetime warranty.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
All our rebounders come with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your purchase is both safe and reliable.

Made in USA
Component and manufacturing quality control is all localized, meaning no lead, no cheap parts, and no mis-configurations.

Great for Canadian Winters
Unlike summer months where a jog or walk through your local park can form part of your fitness routine, keeping up with exercise in winter is tougher and gym memberships can be expensive. With a Needak - all this changes. You can exercise anytime of the day in the comfort and warmth of your home.

Workout Video by Jennifer L. Scott (soft-bounce)

Shipping Cost
Please be aware that due to the larger size of the non-folding rebounder, shipping costs may sometimes be significantly higher for remote locations. Please opt for the folding model if this is the case.

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