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Needak Canada Affiliate Program

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In a Nutshell

Flat $19/sale
45 day cookie
Net 90 payout
Simple linking
Immediate activation
PayPal payouts
Perfect for health/fitness blogs


The Needak Affiliate Program is an elite way to earn high sales referrals in an industry that is just starting to take off. We are pleased to offer it to webmasters, bloggers, and health/fitness related authors that are looking for a reliable and permanent way to monetize their authorship.

Our system is very simple - once you sign up you will be provided a full guide which will outline the payment structure, linking code, and everything else to get you started. Additionally, there is complete sales reporting which will outline all your current referrals as well as an account balance sheet with both deposits and disbursements.


We pay on a net 90 basis which means funds will be deposited into your account 90 days after a referral is earned. This is to minimize fraud and returns as our rebounders are high ticket items, as are the commissions paid to our affiliates. The minimum balance for a disbursement to be made is $100. All payments are simplified through PayPal so you must have a PayPal account to receive payments from us.

Products & Referrals

You can link to any page on with your link code to earn a referral. Referrals are attached to the customer order permanently. Our affiliate program covers only our rebounders, and all affiliates will earn $19 per rebounder sold. For example, if you were to refer a total of 20 sales in one month, you would be paid $380.

Customer Ownership for 45 Days

If any customer visits our site through your referral code, you will earn referrals on all rebounder purchases made by this customer for 45 days. Additionally, if the customer leaves and re-enters the site through another affiliate referral during this time, you will still maintain ownership of that customer's referrals.

Compared to

Amazon's referral program offers you approximately 4% of a sale, and you retain ownership of that customer for only a 24 hour period. Additionally, if the customer re-visits Amazon through another referral link, you lose ownership.

In comparison, the Needak Affiliate Program pays you nearly 4X the referral rate and gives you uncontested ownership of the customer for over a month and a half.


Our linking technology is very simple - you just add a little snippet at the end of any link you create that points to any of our sites to transparently create a referral link. More details will be provided once you log in and view our Guide.

Terms & Conditions

The terms of our affiliate program will be more carefully outlined in your Affiliate Guide once you log in. Here are some important points to remember:

  • Referrals through illegal, spammy or misleading means will not be honored and doing so may place your account in suspension. This includes unsolicitated e-mails, unforseen redirects, sites with ingenuine content, dishonest or misleading links/images, or forcing the visitor to follow the referral link through a popup or other means.
  • Referrals cannot be shown in automated popups or as ads forced upon the user in any fashion.
  • Referrals cannot be advertised through third party networks, including Google Adwords or any other advertising medium.
  • No assumed co-branding relationship exists between, or with the affiliate, and the affiliate cannot claim such a relationship to facilitate referrals.
  • We prefer bloggers and content rich sites that cater to the health and fitness industry.
  • Any breach of our terms and conditions may result in the suspension of your account and a hold placed on disbursements until all referrals are more carefully verified to be in compliance. Any referrals made via non-compliance of our terms will not be accepted or counted.

Ready? Go!

If all of this sounds good and you'd like to join our program, use the register link at the top of the page and get started. It should only take you a few minutes, and once you confirm your account you can start earning referrals immediately!
Haven't tried my rebounder yet. Just thought it strange that my rebounder was ordered on the 19th, delivered on the 21st (per FedEx), and I received an email from Needak on the 23rd, two days after delivery, informing me that my rebounder had been shipped and giving me a FedEx tracking number. Since I don't go in and out of my front door, and FedEx doesn't ring the door bell, it could have sat out there for several days. Fortunately, it wasn't stolen. Just wish Needak had given me a little more notice so I could have brought it in sooner.
Sharon Williams
Sharon Williams
They have the best and strongest rebounder we all love it!!!!!!!!
Charne weiss
Charne weiss
Quick response and very clear information was given. It has been such a pleasure dealing with them. It felt personal in spite of being just electronic communications
Marsha Andrews
Marsha Andrews
I spent what felt like a small fortune in my barely employed 20s for a Needak rebounder.. back in the 90s! I wanted high quality at the time, and got it. My 14 year old daughter was bouncing for an hour a day throughout the pandemic before the 20+ year old rebounder springs started to protest -- snapping a few last week. She was super restless and I was thrilled to find for under $100 I can replace the springs, and same with the mat (just in case) and she'll be bouncing again in a few days. Pretty rare for an seemingly extravagant purchase in your 20s to hold its own when you're pushing late 40s. :)
Christy Wood
Christy Wood
Great customer support!!
Cindy Becca
Cindy Becca
Wow! I have been reviewing rebounders for about a year and finally decided on Needak. I placed my order but forgot to include the coupon for a free cover (which I ordered) so I sent an email after ordering, and received a really quick response assuring me that they would apply the credit. My PayPal account verified it immediately after I received the email. I am beyond impressed already! I’m looking forward to my rebounder and will update when I receive it ?
Jennifer at MortgagePal
Jennifer at MortgagePal
Efficient and timely timely. Product delivered in perfect condition. Thanks so much!
basil dinn
basil dinn
This was a life-changing purchase - my exercise fitness time has greatly improved! I had been thinking...that since I used to like jumping rope, I would most likely love jumping on a mini-trampoline too(less impact, no rope). I then watched a video of a lady using one of these for her workout (which she referred to as a “rebounder”), and the information she provided on its benefits were amazing! I did my research, & Needak was THE one for me for so many reasons, but most especially because it is the ONLY rebounder constructed to be especially gentle on the ankles & knees. It is used daily in my household & is enjoyable as well as beneficial. Everyone who is able to use it should own one. So good for you!
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez
I LOVE my new Needak rebounder!!! It's better than I expected. It makes you feel good within minutes. It helps all of your muscles relax, it's quiet, fun and I'm SO glad I have it. Nice customer service, too. I highly recommend it.
Rochelle Wolfe
Rochelle Wolfe
Love my Needak Rebounder!! Looks and Feels like really good quality! Bouncing is so fun makes me feel like a kid. Light on my old arthritic bones too! This is why I purchased a rebounder as I read it is one of the best exercises for arthritis and is also super for blood and lymphatic circulation and more!! Win win! Customer service’s response was lightening fast and accommodating too. I forgot to add the promo code for a free spring cover. I emailed them and they instructed me on what to do and bang, a free spring cover is in its way! Recommend the the product and company too!!
Dawn M
Dawn M
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