Champion Rebounding Super Set DVD

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Jerry takes his high power program one step beyond with his Super Set. This program is designed to "build you up without tearing you down." Jerry leads you through his "Butt Buster Drill," "Pit Bull Drill," "Resistance Training," "Six Pack Drill," and other movements to quickly get you toned and into shape.
Finally! An exercise program that will help you firm up, tone up and lose weight… And have a blast doing it. It is all about being a champion. If you want to be a champion, you have to train like a champion. Here is your chance!

Jerry James takes his Champion Rebounding program to another level. This Super Set of exercises ties everything together for a very high intensity, low impact workout. Rebounding is the best exercise available today to tone up and loose weight without the pain and stress associated with most other workouts. Champion Rebounding Super Set offers all of the benifits of rebounding while being exciting and easy to follow.

Included in Champion Rebounding Super Set Workout:

Butt Buster Drill (Aerobic)
Pit Bull Drill (Cardio)
Resistance Training (Weights)
Six Pack Drill (Abs)
Champion Rebounding will build you up without tearing you down! TRT 40 minutes.
Needak Canada Review
This was one of the first Jerry James videos we reviewed. The DVD is simplistic and didn't come with a standard case and was instead in a small thin transparent cd case, like the ones you purchase to store your home DVDs.

When we switched it on the video quality was similarly less professional than anticipated as it seemed like a VHS transfer and didn't seem like it was done on a high budget.

However, we were pleasantly surprised by Jerry James' instructions and the exercises themselves were well done and easy to follow.

This particular set is quite advanced and is not recommended for beginners who don't already feel they are strong in regards to cardiovascular stamina.

The music goes well with the steps, and Jerry does succeed in drawing you in with various different movements and a personalized guided approach.

We especially liked the initial warm up and cool-down with each workout and the fact that we weren't intimidated by the instructor, but instead found Jerry James to be pleasant to watch, listen to and follow.

It is unlikely beginners will be able to use this DVD without feeling overwhelmed so we suggest you opt for an easier video if you are just starting to shape up. If you are looking to challenge yourself and want to run out of breath, this is a good choice.

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